Can You Be a Debater and a Leader?

By 7 May 2013 May 7th, 2019 Behaviours

If you value sharing opinions and open discussion of disagreement, it is possible that you also expect others to be fairly tough-minded in withstanding a rigorous debate, particularly if you think they are wrong or less-informed than you. Very few people enable their colleagues to share differing opinions well. Many people even at senior level (and especially in financial services) are fearful of being exposed for being less clever than they aspire to be. As a result, they shy away from debates that would show them as not having thought through everything.

If you desire to engage people in a real discussion of issues, yet find when you do they shy away from you, consider how you can make your love of debate to be inclusive and affirmative of others’ views. A timely decision is important, naturally, but if you could strike the balance of getting all views heard collaboratively, fully, and affirmatively and still making a timely decision….wow! That would be very beneficial and powerful. It all starts with finely tuned Active Listening skills.  To find out more about Active Listening, see the Tools to Download page.

Victoria Hall, Executive Coach
Founder of Talent Futures

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