Talent Management Consulting Case Studies

Launching a Change Initiative through Focus Groups

A CEO client with a depth of experience in leading change was concerned that the messages filtering up to the Management Team were not “the full truth.” The CEO along with the Management Team had done the things that typically launch a successful change programme.  And yet, the completion of day-to-day work was suffering greatly as the organisation descended into a rumour mill. Talent Futures provided four focus groups at varying levels in the organisation, determined five impediments to success that were hindering progress, and assisted the organisation in adjusting their change initiative to better match the needs of the employees in order to embrace change for the organisation.

Building a Strengths-based Culture of Customer Service

The leadership team of a 1200-employee business unit wanted to strengthen their ability to work as a team while they led an initiative to create a culture of customer service across the organisation.

Through the design of a tailored leadership inquiry using surveys and focus groups, and introduction of a strengths-based mindset through the Strengthscope suite, the leaders gained insights to guide them while they developed a more AGILE approach to service improvement. Nine months after the engagement concluded, the leadership team were continuing to use a strengths-based approach and had exceeded several KPIs on customer service. A strengths-based approach can be effective in a number of challenges, including culture change, multiple team alignment and integration, and increasing employee motivation and company results.

“It’s been a great opportunity to engage with each other. [We now regularly] consider the individual strengths of those further down the organisation. We have managers leading on projects that aren’t necessarily aligned to their functions, but play to their strengths and their interests. This has built cross-organisation collaboration and enabled them to take a more strategic view of the overall service [we provide customers].”

High Potential Middle Manager Forums

Organisations face a difficulty in developing high potential middle managers.  The needs of this population are every bit as complex as more senior leaders, but budgets available do not allow for individually-bespoke development such as an executive coach would provide.  Training programmes, no matter how creative or how prominent the guest speakers are, do not result in lasting change.

To address this challenge, Talent Futures has created a number of bespoke Forums.  A Forum is a bridge between small group learning and one-on-one coaching, and is for talented managers who are as yet too junior to have an external coach.  Talent Futures has provided Forums for over 5 years.