What Leaders in Financial Services Say about Talent Futures

“I was apprehensive about working with an executive coach however the positive shift in my mindset to where I am post-coaching is night and day! The coach challenged my way of thinking  and gave me encouragement and support at all times. I have really enjoyed this experience and this has already had a positive impact on my career.”

Director, Operations, Financial Services

“”… a safe, yet challenging  environment to explore critical business issues from different perspectives to find a clear path forward. Working with Victoria has enabled me to substantively improve my performance as a leader…and find ways to build on my strengths to amplify my performance.”

C-Suite Executive, Financial Services

“Coaching came at the right time for me; the flexible approach really helped me gain perspective on my career and what I needed to change to move forward. It has given me enhanced confidence in both my current role and to take the next step.”

Manager, Insurance Company

“The results are a revelation to me. A huge shift from being unmotivated and stressed to being happy, excited and productive.”

Senior Software Engineer, Top Tier Investment Bank

“The coach pushed me to take a look at some of my patterns of behaviour to help me think about what I wanted to improve. She pushed me to really prioritise myself, my growth as being important, which is something I had tended to neglect.”

Director, Technology, Financial Services

“Beyond all the good progress I made due to our sessions, Victoria also inspired me not to give up on having a longer-term vision and strategy. Many times I had wondered if I wouldn’t be better off just being short-sighted and execute on today/tomorrow. She reminded me of the value and uniqueness that I offer.”

Global Head of Markets and Securities Technology, Top Tier Investment Bank

“Coaching has significantly influenced my approach as a leader. It has allowed me to properly understand and develop the insights, mindset and skills to lead my business and its people to success. Game changing.”

COO EMEA, Global Investment Firm

“Honest, trusting, genuine, open, multi-perspective, heartfelt when needed (not just professional so the balance was right) and wonderful.”

SVP, Financial Services Company

“…when my company was going through extraordinary change and growth… I had to learn how to lead in a very different environment. Coaching helped me identify potential obstacles to success, develop strategies to deal with those and identify criteria for future success. In a short period of time, I learned new leadership techniques and how to succeed in a very different role.”

SVP, Financial Services Company

“Victoria got my measure very quickly and has that amazing quality of being able to ask the one big question that takes one right to the heart of the issue. She is perceptive, insightful and helped me and equipped me to tackle many complex situations.”

MD, Top Tier Investment Bank

What Leaders in Engineering & Manufacturing Say about Talent Futures

“… resulted in helping me find new insights, a stronger sense of who I really am and most importantly, what I really want to do next.”


“…provided me with deeper insight into interpersonal relationships and organisational dynamics which then allowed me to reframe issues, build better and deeper relationships, and deliver more for the business. Overall it reinvigorates me to deliver on behalf of the business and myself.”

Account Director, Engineering Consultancy

“Having had several experiences with coaching in my professional life, my work with Victoria genuinely gave me a new outlook and made me a more effective professional.”

MD, Global Engineering Firm

“A useful bridge between where I was (a new Managing Director) and what was expected from me in my new position.”

MD, European Manufacturing Company

“Victoria was extremely well organised, knowledgeable, calm and confident, excellent at listening, interpreting, and supporting me to move forward.”

Senior Manager, Commercial Airline

“…positive and supportive throughout but never ‘let me off the hook’ in terms of probing my thinking… Being clear about who I want and need to be as a leader has enabled me to successfully and significantly expand my area of responsibility and achieve a higher level of satisfaction. The outcome has been positive for both the business and I.”


What Leaders in the Public & Fourth Sectors Say about Talent Futures

“Sarah [is] an incredible coach, who has supported me with her thoughtful and supportive approach.  I left all my meetings energised, and thanks in part to her input, I believe I have raised my game [and] coped with some very challenging matters…”

Director, Housing Association

“… great coaching support when I first became a CEO. I moved into a challenging situation. Victoria provided calm, reflective support that helped me clarify my decision-making plus identify the main personnel and strategic priorities to deliver a reorganisation that has proved very successful.”

CEO of a UK Olympic Sport

“Victoria’s coaching combines experience of working herself at senior level, great natural empathy, rigorous professionalism and a commitment to outcomes. I now spend a far greater proportion of my time in the calm, authoritative and empowered state where I am most effective. Feedback from team members and colleagues reflects this change.”

Director, Civil Service

“Janis is brilliant and… I will be forever grateful of her input.  A great coach who helped me explore the critical aspects of my ‘professional self’. This has helped me understand the ego-less approach required to enable a business to succeed.

Senior Finance Manager, Housing Association

“Victoria is an intelligent observer, who makes astute interventions and possesses a wealth of knowledge and tools. She creates a highly effective, learning-focused relationship with clients, the benefits of which are felt by the individual, their employer and the people around them.”

Senior Manager, Fourth Sector

“I am a woman of African Caribbean origin and clearly this has an impact on how I view the world. Victoria was able to listen, empathise and work with me through some difficult issues around race and ethnicity and helped me to put in place some strategies that I am now using and will continue to use. My experience of coaching with Victoria has been an extremely positive one.”

Head of HR, UK Charity

“My coaching experience was hugely positive and rewarding. The gains have been sustainable and I have been able to build on them. My coach has given me the ability to coach myself (although not nearly as well!)”

Manager, Government Sector

“I found Victoria truly insightful and perceptive. She challenged my thinking and helped me understand, in a very positive way, my own personal style and when and how to adapt it. I put into effect what I learned and I found I had immediate positive results.”

Senior Director, Fourth Sector Organisation