Partners in Learning

Talent Futures operates as a collective of peers. Because we are all deeply experienced, we enjoy coming together to exchange ideas and create new insights together. We regularly hold group supervision sessions. We also discuss advances in our profession in our own quest for continued learning.

These are some quotes from Talent Futures associates about working with Talent Futures.

“Victoria is good and loyal, has the right distance between support and doing the job. Good quality clients. I like it when she organises joint training.”

“Victoria is fair, above and beyond for clients, gives clients what they paid for and more. I like that she organises training and that she is building a tribe, a community. Peggy is amazing.”

A Unified Service for Client Organisations

We believe there are multiple clients in each engagement. When working with an individual or team, we also form relationships with the line leader sponsor of the work and the HR sponsor. When more than one coach works in an organisation, the coaches come together to discuss how we can best support the client organisation. Periodically we provide organisation insight free of charge to HR and CEO sponsors, whilst protecting individual confidentiality.

“Victoria is a role model for fairness, transparency and always seeking to deliver best value for both clients and associates.”