Psychometrics can enrich an individual or team coaching experience, depending on the client needs. We hold certifications and accreditations in more than 45 psychometrics. We also understand when psychometrics are not an appropriate part of the solution set.

Here are some of the psychometrics we use:

  • Personality trait: CPI, Hogan (HPI, HDS), Lumina Spark, NEO-PI-3, OPQ, TalentQ Dimensions, WAVE, 15FQ+
  • Personality type: MBTI Step II, FIRO-B, Thomas Kittleman
  • Emotional Intelligence:  Lumina Emotion, EQ360, EQi
  • Strengths: Strengths Profile, Strengthscope, Strengthscope for Teams
  • Motivation: Career Anchors, Hogan MVPI
  • Communication:  VoicePrint, VoicePrint360
  • Creativity: E-METRIXX me2

Additionally, we have conducted hundreds of verbal 360s and have more than 20 years of experience in a variety of online 360 tools.